420 DJs is an Arizona-based DJ and entertainment company that is focused on providing top-notch services to the cannabis industry and its events.

Bringing Buzz & Vibes To Your Event

Your local Phoenix Arizona 420 DJ near me provides high-quality service in Arizona. So, we provide Non-stop party entertainment. This way, you can be sure that any member of our team can offer you and your guests an event to remember for the rest of your life. Call us at 623-256-7887

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Corporate Events

Elevate your corporate event with our knoweldge and friendly DJs. We take our clients higher with our DJ team


Cannabis festivals are our bread and butter! We love collaborating with big names and local artists.

Local Events

Local and weekly events need a next-level event production. We specialize in 420-community events.

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About Us

420 DJs is an Arizona-based DJ and entertainment company that is focused on providing top-notch services to the cannabis industry and its events.

We know how to roll up the energy on the dance floor when it comes to events. Our talented 420 DJs have been carefully selected for their magnetic personalities and extensive expertise in the art of spinning tracks. With an expansive music library spanning various genres, we curate playlists that keep the crowd high, creating an atmosphere of non-stop fun and excitement.

Our production team is always blazing the trail in the entertainment industry. Yearly summits and retreats keep us ahead of the competition, ensuring we’re at the forefront of cutting-edge entertainment.

420 DJs are here to make your dream party go up in smoke… in the best way possible. Guaranteed.

Companies That Trust 420 DJs

How we go Above + Beyond to make your events unforgettable.

Much More than a 420 Company


We promise you’ll have a memorable celebration. Our team is communicative. From initial contact, meetings, and on the event day. We're here to create a night to remember.

Sound System

Our state-of-the-art speaker system is provided for your 420 event. As audiophiles, we love a clean setup and PA system.


We'll assist you with all of your event details and even help create your timeline. As we approach the date, we coordinate with vendors and the venue.


We have a great vibe at all of our events. Our goal is to have your guests have a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

How Great Are Our 420 DJs?

DJ Near Me – Phoenix, Arizona

When looking for a DJ entertainment in Phoenix Arizona, know that we also service the following areas:

What to look for in booking a DJ? – Additional Information About Hiring a DJ.


What should bride and grooms look for in booking a DJ? 

The things the couple should look into are what services they provide. Will they be the MC? Is the person you are talking to on the phone the DJ? At our company, Javier Carlos, the owner, answers all the calls and speaks to all the clients. After that, we make sure that the DJ is a good fit when it comes to their vision and vibe for music. This is important, as the DJ should know and understand their music like they do. If there’s some music that they don’t know of, the DJ should be willing and open to learning about what kinds of music they like.

Is there a DJ contract? 

A professional DJ must have a contract. This is the first way to tell if you’re dealing with a professional or a hobbyist.

How do you get the crowd dancing? 

Here’s the thing, not every crowd likes to dance. This is something we ask our couples. “Are you expecting a lot of dancing”?. Occasionally, our couples tell us that they are looking for a more low key vibe with great music. Some people don’t want to dance!

For the majority of weddings, this really comes down to playing the right music. We collaborate with our couples and ask for them to get songs ahead of time from their guests to feel out the crowd. Also, our DJs can easily read if the song will get the people moving!

How do you keep your music collection up to date, do you allow requests? Do you have a do not playlists?

Our music is always evolving. Almost every event has a different crowd! We allow requests and encourage couples to send in their song requests for the cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing. Then, Sometimes we get a few songs not to play, but oftentimes we have to ask in our planning meetings what artists they don’t like as much.

How do you plan with a bride and groom?

We like to start our journey with a call. Here we review their basic details and get to know each other. Then, we immediately send over our forms and set a follow up call about a month away from the wedding. We review their expectations, songs, details, and requests from us. Lastly, we will send the timeline to the venue and other vendors!

Is there a traditional order of events?

4:30 Prelude

5:00 Ceremony

5:30 Cocktail hour

6:30 Grand Entrance

6:35 First Dance

6:45 Dinner

7:30 Toasts

8:00 Cake

8:10 Open Dance Floor

Notice that we didn’t include Garter & Bouquet toss? Most of our couples are not doing this anymore!

9:50 Last song of the night

10:00 Exit

And then last thing – what would do we want couples to know?

Remember to party!!! It is your big day and no one should tell you how to celebrate.



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